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Star brite® -100°F (-73°C) Non-Toxic Antifreeze provides the ultimate in extreme cold weather and corrosion protection for drinking water systems and all engines. Its premium additive package prevents corrosion of aluminum, copper, brass and solder, but will not harm rubber, seals or hose materials. The 3X-died blue-green color provides excellent blow-through visibility. Formulated with virgin, non-toxic USP-grade ingredients. It contains no alcohols. This product is ready-to-use or may be diluted – please follow label directions for dilution ratios. Star brite® -100°F (-73°C) Non-Toxic Antifreeze will provide burst protection to -100°F (-73°C) and freeze protection within a range of -58°F to -63°F (-50°C to -52°C). When testing with a refractometer or hydrometer designed for use with propylene glycol, freeze point readings on the PG scale will range from -58°F to -63°F. Features Protects water systems & engines from freeze ups during storage. Use in boats, RVs, vacation homes, pools. Safe for copper, brass and all types of plastic. Contains corrosion inhibitors to protect all metal engine components and seals. The most effective and safest way to protect all marine engines from freeze-up damage during winter storage.
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