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Now a spreader light that delivers. Designed for distance,engineered for quality. We have taken two of the brightest single point light source LEDs and married them with a lens that puts the light where you want it, on your boat! Most spreader lights cast a large quantity of light outside your boat while other LED’s spreader lights focus the little intensity they have on small areas. The Lunasea spreader light offers up a whopping 1000 lumens of light and focuses it from bow to stern . When the polarity is swapped on the power the light dims down and allows for a beautiful night sipping on a drink or use any digital dimming switch or EPLEX compatible dimmer to give you a full range of brightness. Light sensor automatically turns off at day light, or better yet, leave the light switch on during the day and the light will come on at night when you return from dinner. All this while only drawing 8 watts of power! Two High Intensity Point Source LED’s • Three different mounting positions • Light Sensor - Auto -off during Daylight • Fully Dimmable • Input Voltage: 12, 24 and 32 volt systems • 11 Watts
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