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This pocket-sized canvas repair kit is an essential kit filled with everything boaters need to fix their boat tops: replacement snaps, a snap-setting tool, and special Snap Lube that makes snapping a breeze. Unlike other canvas snap kits, the Canvas Care Kit is small enough to fit in any shirt, jacket, or pants pocket. Equipped with a handy lanyard, the Canvas Care Kit will stay onboard even in rough conditions. If it does somehow end up in the water, this compact canvas snap kit is designed to float and its distinctive red color makes it easy to spot. FEATURES: Pocket-sized canvas snap kit saves you time and money Contains everything a boater needs to make boat canvas repairs Plastic case will float even when full of canvas snaps Sports a handy lanyard Includes replacement snaps, snap-setting tool and Snap lube Ideal companion to the Top-Snapper Canvas Snap Tool
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