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The Shore Fabric Paddle Mitt uses GCX a windproof & waterproof fabric, to ensure a comfortable yet flexible glove that will not compromise paddle control. Evotherm fleece insulation lining keeps you hands toasty and warm. Featuring a Glidskin adjustable closure, achieves a secure fit around the paddle shaft and adjustable bungee cord wrist gives you a personal fit. GCX waterproof and windproof Taped seams Evotherm: fleece core insulation lining Bungee cord adjustable wrists 3m reflective piping FEATURES Thermospan Engineered by our scientists so that your core body temperature locks in the heat. By wicking away your body moisture the lightweight thermal insulation traps warm air all around you. Keeping your core body warm helping blood to pump around your body creating your own central heating system. Taped Seams We add fully taped seams to our fully waterproof garments to keep you dry in the harshest of conditions. Taping all seams on a garment regardless of where they are situated ensures heavy duty waterproofing. Taping the garment also seals the small holes made when the waterproof fabric has been sewn to create the garment. A hot-melt tape is applied over all the seams; this creates a perfect airtight seal allowing added strength and longevity to the garment. FABRICS GCX For general recreation and watersports GCX fabric helps reduce wind-chill to improve your overall experience. The durable PU coated GCX fabric ensures water cannot penetrate, remaining waterproof and windproof even during strenuous movement. GCX has been engineered to shed surface water quickly. • Lightweight • Windproof • Water Repellent Evotherm Evotherm is an 8oz Evostretch, Four way stretch, Thermal fabric. it contains a fine brushed wicking inner surface, that is comfortable and warm against the skin. Evotherm is a Lightweight, hollow fibre, stretch fabric, which works with your body, whilst providing optimum warmth through insulation.

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