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Better adhesion than silicone and can be removed without damage to gel-coats Polyurethane and silicone formulated for use on fiberglass. It gives measurably better adhesion than silicone and yet, unlike most polyurethanes, can be removed without damage to gel coats. Fast-curing, low-odor, high-adhesion, non-corrosive and non-sagging. Formulation: One-part polyurethane/silicone sealant Recommended Usage: Fiberglass, vinyl, ABS, Lexan, metal, glass, wood; above or below water Material Incompatibilities: Ferrocement hulls, impregnated wood, oil-soaked materials; not paintable Adhesion Rating: Tensile: 290 psi; elongation: 350% Cure Time: Tack-free: 20 min.; Complete cure: 24–36 hrs. Cleanup: Soap and water

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