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Sikaflex-291 is a non-sag, 1-component polyurethane sealant specifically developed for the marine market; it cures on exposure to atmospheric moisture to form a durable elastomer. Sikaflex-291 meets the requirements set out by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO). Sikaflex-291 is a multi-purpose product for use in marine construction and maintenance. It is suitable for making elastic, vibration-resistant joint seals, and can also be used for a variety of interior and exterior sealing applications. Sikaflex-291 bonds extremely well to the materials commonly used in marine construction like wood, metals, metal primers and paint coatings (2-C systems), ceramic materials and plastics (GRP, etc.). Sikaflex-291 must not be used to seal plastics that are prone to stress cracking (e.g. Plexiglas, polycarbonate, etc.). Once cured, Sikaflex-291 can easily be sanded down as required. CHARACTERISTICS AND ADVANTAGES Use above and below water line Resists salt water Paintable Versatile packaging Excellent bond Permanently elastic High strength Sandable NSF approved for potable water USDA approved for incidental food contact COLOUR White, Grey, Black
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