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Simply slide the L'il Sucker over the bottom of any object and place it on any smooth surface... Releases with the touch of a finger! Works on Aluminum, Vinyl, Ceramic, Plexiglas etc. For work or play, the L’il Sucker mini, small and medium rings can be used with practically any bottle, mug, can or container. These "rings" are the heart and soul of the L'il Sucker product line. They can be used on so many different sizes and styles of containers it's mind boggling. Simply attach the ring to your container being sure to slide it from the bottom of the container upwards, peel it down to within approx. 1/2" or close to the bottom of the container and suction will hold it steady on any non-porous surface and at any rate of speed (within the legal limits of course!). The closer it is to the bottom of the container, the better suction you will get. It's a great way to prevent spills! Use L’il Sucker products just about anywhere: At home or school...planes, trains and automobiles...on the boat, yes definitely on the boat...Riding the ski-doo or sea doo...camping or RV’ing...putting on make-up...even painting the house. Use the full sleeved insulated for temperature control of hot or cold bottles or cans. The list of uses is as endless as your needs!
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