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The Shore spraytop is simple yet effective! The GCX waterproof and windproof fabric helps reduce wind chill to improve your sailing/paddling experience. Featuring the Aquastop neck gusset, a glideskin neoprene collar and PU adjustable wrist seals for extra comfort. The Shore spraytop is the perfect compliment to your Gul wetsuit. GCX waterproof and windproof fabric Un-taped double stitched seams Adjustable neoprene Glideskin collar Aquastop Neck Gusset for ease of donning and ventalation Adjustable PU wrist seals for comfort Elasticated anti rise hem Your jacket has been made from carefully selected materials to give the best combination of durability and performance. With the correct care you will gain the maximum life from your jacket. Always rinse your jacket after use, in clean water using a mild detergent if necessary. Pay particular attention to remove any sand or foreign matter from the zips. Please don’t use any solvents or other chemicals to remove stains or marks from your jacket as this can cause damage. Do not force zips and if possible get someone to pull up the zips for you, pulling zips up not across. Protect your jacket from sharp or abrasive objects. Ensure the jacket is the correct size and do not pull the ends of the sleeves to remove.
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