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The Sailor package is a bundled package of the B100 Class B and S100 VHF Antenna Splitter which enables a single VHF antenna to be shared by your VHF radio and AIS Class B.

The em-trak B100 provides the best AIS performance available and includes a GPS antenna and voyage data recording functionality. The em-trak S100 uses patented technology that ensures no loss of performance for either your VHF radio or AIS Class B – no other antenna splitter delivers true zero loss performance.

The ability to share a single existing antenna coupled with the B100 and S100 being the smallest, lightest and most robust devices in the market make installation as simple as possible.



  • Complete package solution
  • Small, lightweight and robust
  • High quality design
  • Simple installation


Click here for more info on the B100.

Click here for more info on the S100.


Warrantee Info

All em-trak products are provided with a comprehensive three year warranty against manufacturing and design faults. In the unlikely event of a problem, the support section of our web site provides some trouble shooting advice or you can contact our Customer Support Team at [email protected]


We strive to provide the finest customer support. In the unlikely event of a problem our customer support team are there to help and can be easily contacted by email. If your unit needs to be returned to us we will endeavour to minimise the time it takes and keep you informed at all times.

  • Contact your original supplier of the product, or the em-trak Customer Support Team [email protected]
  • In order to make a warranty claim you will need to provide us with the model and serial number of your product, the date of purchase and a detailed description of the problem.
  • Once your warranty claim is validated we will issue an RMA number to enable the unit to be returned to us for inspection and repair.
  • Upon repair the unit will be returned to you.


Our life time customer support commitment means that we are always there to support you, even if your product is out of warranty. If you have a faulty product, then in the first instance contact our customer support team at [email protected] to see if the problem can be easily resolved. If the issue cannot be resolved in the field, then you can send the unit to em-trak and for a fixed fee of $100 we will investigate the problem and provide you with an estimate for repair. Upon your approval we will carry out the repair, give the unit a full service and return it along with a 3 month warranty.

Terms of the warranty:

  • All products have a 3 year warranty commencing from the date of your purchase of a new product.
  • The warranty is non-transferable and rests solely and exclusively with the original purchaser of the new product.
  • The warranty is invalidated if the product is damaged through misuse and or installed or operated incorrectly or damaged as a result of an external event such as a severe electrical surge such as caused by a lightning strike.
  • Em-trak's evaluation and decision on the validity of any warranty claim is final.
  • The warranty is strictly return to em-trak for repair or replacement. In the event that the same model is not available, em-trak shall replace with a comparable model which offers the same or better functionality.
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