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Unique injection moulded sole, all leather Gore-tex lined calf length waterproof fully breathable unisex yachting boot. Designed for extra warmth. Particularly suitable for winter series and Southern Ocean conditions. Can also be used with detachable Dubarry Gaiter. Made from the finest English cow hides. Mirapel impregnated all leather outer and upper and fully GORE-TEX lined inner. The lining provides full waterproofing, insulation and breathability while the leather outer and upper offer protection, comfort, warmth, durability and style. Composite PU/Rubber sole for superior traction is injection moulded to upper to ensure a proper seal. For more technical information see the product info pages. Dubarry Footwear Technology What makes the Dubarry waterproof range waterproof? The secret of our waterproof boots and shoes lies in the GORE-TEX inner lining. GORE-TEX is 100% waterproof, but also wicks away perspiration, allowing your feet to breath. GORE-TEX is especially designed to ensure a dry and comfortable environment even in the most extreme conditions. The Leather: All of our leather is sourced from Pittards, a UK based tannery renowned worldwide for its range of water resistant WR100 Mirapel leathers. These leathers benefit from the following properties: The Leather absorbs little water Shoes and boots stay lighter in wet conditions Shoes and boots will dry faster after use in the wet The leather is not damaged by water (even salt water) The leather will stay soft after drying The water resistant treatment is actually tanned into the leather – not a surface treatment, therefore it’s natural breathability is maintained. Easy care The Sole: The award winning Dubarry outsole design is a patented technology. It came about following an internal brief to the Dubarry engineering team to come up with the best non-slip rubber outsole for grip on deck, a project which ultimately led to the design of Formula 1 Motor sport tyres. The Dubarry outsole was born, its intricate series of interconnecting channels are designed to allow water to be dispersed away from the point of impact in several different directions simultaneously, thereby preventing aquaplaning or slippage. This unique design offers a level of on-deck grip that is unrivalled by a traditional razor-cut sole or other designs that trap pockets of water. In many cases Dubarry offers duo-compound soles with the award winning outsole being made from rubber and the mid-soles made from a variety of different materials including Polyurethane (PU) and Ethyl Vinyl Acetate (EVA). These mid-sole materials offer shock absorbency, durability and underfoot comfort. Cordura: Cordura by Dupont is a high-tech nylon yarn, finely engineered to combine unique durability with stylish appearance and light weight. Cordura is twice as durable as any other fabric and three times stronger than standard nylon. Kevlar: Kevlar by Dupont is an advanced technology combining high strength with light weight, and comfort with protection. Kevlar is five times stronger than steel on an equal weight basis.

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