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Unique dry mix neutralizes odors instantly. The all natural ingredients liquefy waste for easier pumping/dumping. Ingredients are edible -100% safe around children & pets. Aids and boosts biological action in septic tanks & systems. Non-staining. Odorless. Holding Tank Treatment Decomposes waste into odorless by-products. Prevents recurrence of foul odors. Effective against organic waste, proteins, cellulose (tissue), oils and greases Lime fresh fragrance Code 360 - 1 L TESTIMONIALS 4 oz. per month were added to a septic tank over the last 3 years. Water leakage caused the 25 year old tank to overflow. Said the pump-out specialist, "In my 30 years of experience, I've never seen a tank with so little accumulated solids - especially an older tank. Whatever you're doing -- KEEP doing it.". Don Smith - Glasgow Manufacturing, London, ON Awkward RV holding tank with sloped bottom - solids accumulate and can block passage -- difficult pumping. Tried RV Kleen and other stuff to remove blockage -- unsuccessful. Dumped in 1/2 bottle of #360 (HOLDING TANK TREATMENT) -- came back to RV one hour later -- sufficiently loosened and pumped out. No trouble since. more info Back to Top Advanced Holding Tank Treatment Unscented-No Dyes Instant deodorizer Decomposes and liquifies organic waste, oils and greases, cellulose (tissue) Non-toxic, non-polluting. Completely compatible with septic systems. Well suited for grease traps and gray water Code 362 - 1 L more info Back to Top Holding Tank Deodorizer (powder) Unique dry mix neutralizes odors instantly The all natural ingredients liquefy waste for easier pumping/dumping Ingredients are edible - 100% safe around children & pets Aids and boosts biological action in septic tanks & systems Non-staining - odorless - accurate measuring scoop - reusable containers
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